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invited talk @ DLACIII workshop


Between June 18 and June 21, I attended International Workshop on Distributed Learning and Collaboration (DLAC): Participation and personalization: The main factors of social software hosted by one of the Leibniz Insititutes: Knowledge Media Research Center in Tübingen, Germany, a very nice and historic university town with a very good climate and atmosphere.

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idSpace project meeting in Brussels


idSpace project consortium met between June 16 and 17, 2008 in Brussels. The meeting was very intensive and showed progress in various ideas. New project members have been also introduced and integrated into the work process. We have presented an idea of integration based on restful web services as a suitable paradigm for flexible integration of various creativity supporting tools. I think the meeting was very sucsessful and timely.

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add a new binding in Tuscany

Generally, there are six steps for a new binding in Tuscany, as follows:

1. Define the model extension for reference and service binding;

2. Define interfaces/classes to represent the model for the binding ;

3. Implement the StAXArtifactProcessor to read/resolve/write the models;

4. Add the runtime logic by implementing the BindingProviderFactory, ReferenceBindingProvider, ServiceBindingProvider SPIs;

5. Implement the ModuleActivator interface to hook up the StAXArtifactProcessor and BindingProviderFactory with respective extension points;

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Binding in Tuscany

Tuscany is aiming to create a robust and easy to use infrastructure that simplifies the development of service-based application networks and addresses real business problems posed in SOA.

It is an infrastructure which is very similar to Eclipse in terms of extension mechanism. The core is tightly written, and lots of other functionalities are implemented as extensions. Binding is one of them, Tuscany has already incorporated a few binding extensions such as Atom, RSS even http.

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New member of the group employed in idSpace project

On June 1 2008, Yujian Lin joins the IWIS group as a new member and research assistant. He will work on integration of and transformation between various creativity techniques using semantic web and topic maps. Service oriented architecture will be explored as well as possible integration paradigms for integrating creativity techniques in ICT FP7 idSpace project.

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ESWC 2008: tutorial and workshop keynote


I have participated in ESWC 2008 conference in Tenerife. The location was well chosen. Tenerife has very pleasent climate and the accomodation and session rooms in the conference hotel are also excellent. The only disadvantage was the long flight and not really good internet connection. But we have survived :)

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New Article in ACM TWEB on Flexible Forward Recovery of Web Service Transactions

A new article comming out from IWIS group in collaboration with L3S Research Center in Hannover, Germany has been published in a prestigous journal ACM Transaction on Web. The article explains how to set up a flexible forward recovery of transactions in web service environment. Article also shows when such an approach is economic and benefitial. Please visit ACM TWEB 2008 article web page for more details. The article is from FROGS project.

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Barbecue on Saturday

Karsten @ barbecue

Suddenly, Aalborg was hit by a beautiful weather. Quite unusual for aalborg having temperatures above 25C without any cloud in early May. Karsten and me accepted an invitation of Peter Axel for a barbecue at his house garden which in this weather was really a good idea. Well, as picture shows, Karsten enjoys it very much :). Well I did too.

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Football in Aalborg

Last Weekend I got some free tickets for the football match of Aalborg BK vs. AC Horsens. So Peter, Jesus and me went out to the stadium yesterday. The stadium is quite nice, we were underneath 10700 people watching the game on a warm but windy evening.

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SWKM 2008 workshop


Social Web and Knowledge Management 2008: the first international workshop took place on April 22, 2008 in Beijing. The event was collocated with major conference in World Wide Web research: WWW2008. The workshop was a great success. It attracted 85 registered participants. Workshop was introduced by Denny Vrandecic and me where we explained the aim of the workshop and its relevance to enterprise knowledge web research in general and to Active and KIWI project in particular.

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