The Final KiWi Review Meeting

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The KiWi Team

The Final KiWi Review Meeting took place in Luxemburg. In the one-day-meeting, KiWi was evaluated by the European Commission about the project achievements.
Sebastian started the meeting making a budget overview of  KiWi. In the following, he showed a demo of the system. In a sequence I presented our ongoing work on enhanced tag clouds for content finding in KiWi. Karsten Jan (AAU), Daniel Grolin (Logica) and Peter Reiser (Oracle) presented the KiWi use cases. John Pereira (Salzburg Research) showed the dissemination activities of KiWi in last months. Sebastian closed down the presentations by outlining the main achievements, lessons learned, issues and looking ahead of the project.

After a short-break, the European Commission signalized that KiWi was successfully approved. Personalization was noticed by its improvement since the review.

Congratulations to all involved.

Fred Durao