Research Areas

Curently there are following active areas:

  • Infrastructures for intelligent information systems on the web - infrastructures which allow intelligent and personalized access to information and services, information exchange and coordination of conversation between distributed services. The IWIS group is concerned with middleware technology such as p2p systems, transactional middleware and a like in two areas: information search and exploration and business to business interaction. 
    • First example of middleware which was build in this context is personal learning assistant and human capital development suit for personalized access to distributed learning repositories where both, user as well as learning activities metadata have been distributed (see EU FP5 project ELENA for further details). 
    • Second example is from ongoing project FROGS where we have build a middleware for flexible advanced forware recovery/compensation of web service business transactions (See FROGS project for further details) 
    • Further prospects include infrastructures for personalization in social web software as envisioned for KIWI project as well as infrastructure for intelligent integration of creativity techniques as in idSpace project.
    • Current Projects: idSpace, Frogs
  • Web personalization strategies and algorithms - strategies and algorithms which take a knowledge about user and his context into account when recommending information and services; The IWIS group is concerned with heuristics and differnet algorithms which could be embedded in the web context.
    • First examples are matchmaking algorithms developed in the personal learning assistant for query rewriting and recommendation of results based on information about learning performance, preferences, and learning goals
    • Second example is from Knowlede Web/REWERSE/Prolearn context whre a preference based flexible strategies have been studied as event codition action rules
    • The IWIS group is currently busy with new directions in user/group modelling and personalization in sematic social software with particular focus on sematic wikis and collaborative web based software to support creativity
    • Current Projects: KIWI, idSpace
  • Engineering adaptive web - researching how the experiences from web personalization strategies and algorithms as well as infrastructures can be transferred into guidelines for engineering adaptive web applications; The group studies concpetual modelling, design, and generators of web application from conceptual models.
    • The IWIS group deals with feature models for domain analysis for information structures and users as well as for capabilities of web services
    • The IWIS group pursue a state machine approach to adaptive navigation design as well as for communication protocols in rich internet applications
    • The IWIS group base the conceptual modelling on modern web technologies such as semantic web as well as structured web data
    • The IWIS group studies various ways to consider adaptation in engineering web applications
    •  Current Projects: KIWI, idSpaceFrogs