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Some Highlights of the CIKM 2011 Conference


From October 24 to 28, I attended the 20th ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM), in Glasgow, UK. The conference had a number of good papers in a wide range of topics, including information retrieval, social network analysis and machine learning. The conference also had two keynote speakers that talked about, respectively, improving user interfaces for better management of information, and addressing the challenges that persist in search, storage and analysis of biomedicine data.

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Social Web and Knowledge Management Article

New article on social web and knowledge management is out. Sebastian and I participated in joind research vision together with our colleagues from EU FP7 IP Active as a joined collaboration between the KIWI project and ACTIVE. Article discusses the difficulties with adopting web 2.0 and social web technologies from open web in enterprise knowledge management.

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SWKM 2008 workshop


Social Web and Knowledge Management 2008: the first international workshop took place on April 22, 2008 in Beijing. The event was collocated with major conference in World Wide Web research: WWW2008. The workshop was a great success. It attracted 85 registered participants. Workshop was introduced by Denny Vrandecic and me where we explained the aim of the workshop and its relevance to enterprise knowledge web research in general and to Active and KIWI project in particular.

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