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KiWi Meeting in Vienna

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On December 27th and 28th there was a meeting of the KiWi project in Vienna, Austria, hosted by the semantic web company. All participants were represented so that we were able to update each other on the ongoing tasks. One of the major points of this meeting was to present the actual results to the others.

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Munich Meeting - Enabling Technologies

From my point of view the Munich Meeting was important to understand more in details what Munich and Brno partners are doing exactly. It was a great time to find out share points and plan later collaboration when implementing our personalization tasks. In particular, it was very helpful listen to François his point of view about usage model in KiWi. He emphasized that we need to have a concrete and clear vision about data we need for our usage model. This is primary requirement for our further development.

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idSpace project meeting in Aalborg

Peter in the meeting

On September 25 and 26, idSpace project meeting took place in Aalborg. Partners reported their progress respectively and exchanged ideas on the next 3 months work. As the leader partner of Work Package 2, we mainly introduced the work on combination of creativity techniques and suggested another perspective on transformations. Besides, we have reached an agreement on the prior choices of creativity techniques for next step.

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Book on Engineering Adaptive Web Applications now sold at amazon


My dissertation have been recently published by VDM Verlag as a book:

Peter Dolog: Engineering Adaptive Web Applications: A Domain Engineering Framework. VDM-Verlag. September 2008. ISBN-10: 3639081528, ISBN-13: 978-3639081527

and is available for bying for example at amazon:

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SPLC 2008 and an invited talk at one of the workshops

SPLC 2008 dinner

A week before (8 - 12 September 2008) I attended the Software Product Line Conference 2008 (SPLC 2008). Eventhough I was looking into the software product lines engineering and domain engineering in particular already before (my dissertation was about domain engineering for adaptive web application after all), It was actually for the first time.

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IWIS seminar series started on August 2008

IWIS group started a seminar series on the World Wide Web topic. The seminars are intended for PhD students, master students and researhc assistants to deepen their scientific skills. Please have a look at Autumn 2008 Seminar Blog post for details on schedule and topics for this autumn 2008 semester. Seminars will take place each semester. Visit the blog on seminars regularly.

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Seminar talk on Flexible production of software systems - a product line based approach

Klaus Schmid


 Date: Wednesday, September 24, 2008, Time: 13:00 - 14:00, Room: 0.2.13

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Klaus Schmid


Flexible production of software systems - a product line based approach


Increasingly companies today must develop not unique products, but whole families of similar but distinct products. This is natural consequence of the need to adapt to different customer requirements.

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FP7 project idSpace is project of the month

EU FP7 project idSpace: Tooling of and training for collaborative, distributed product innovation ( is a project of the month August at EUROPA-MV portal (link in german).

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Fred Duarao a new member of the IWIS group

Since 1st of August IWIS group welcome Fred Durao as a new member, who will work on different aspects of personalization in semantic wikis in EU KIWI project.

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KIWI meeting in Prague


KIWI project consortium met in Prague between June 25 and June 27. Several advancements have been discussed in Prague such as requirements of use case partners for KIWI system, tag models, information extraction ideas, and reasoning about inconsistencies. Data model for the core system was discussed as well. The meeting was a success showing a convergence of ideas along the tagging, mesh up for integration with other enterprise information systems, as well as widget idea.

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