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ESWC 2009 2nd main conference day

The second main conference day in Crete of course features mainly the gala dinner Smile. But besides that, the after keynote session on the infrastractures for semantic web was quite interesting. Especially, the discussions on identifiers of descriptions vs. physical objects was quite interesting and hopefully will help to evolve the solutions of the problem with URIs pointing to different things.

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ESWC 2009 1st main conference day

The first conference day featured a long program with a poster session until late night. Highlights in my opinion where in the keynote and the first session on query processing. Temporal and active ontology management aspects on top of semantic web data models are interesting especially from web evolution perspective, and those talks for example from Karlsruhe and Zurich highlighted some aspects in this direction.

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ESWC 2009 2nd workshop day

The second day for us was mostly about the semantic wiki workshop. We have presented and demoed our personalized recommendations widgets, together with their performance evaluation.

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ESWC 2009 1st workshop day

The first workshop day at ESWC highlight was the workshop of stream reasoning. The workshop featured a very interesting collection of presentations and discussions on applications on streaming, spatial reasoning with streams, answering reachability queries, especially interesting SPARQL extensions for stream querying, reachability queries and type system for streams with DL reasoning. It was a very interesting day and relevant for new research topics IWIS group would like to pursue.

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IWIS web site in slightly new look

The IWIS web site slightly changed it look. Navigation menu have been reorganized as it more or less copied the main menu. Main parts of the site are now accessible from the menu on the top. Search field is also now at the top right side of the site. Navigation still contains recent posts and login form for members as a new element. New element on the left side are upcomming events. Right side blocks have been reorganized as well. They now point to the recent blog posts as before and new articles.

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The 1st KiWi Programming Camp

The KiWi programming camp was held in Salzburg and it was extremely important to understand in details how KiWi system was designed. In the first two days, we had introductory lectures about the system architecture and Seam framework. This introduction gave us the basis to develop our own functionalities more safely. In addition, we learned how to create unit tests and extend the system with external components, which are quickly plugged to the system.

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Salzburg KiWi meeting

The Salzburg KiWi meeting was a great opportunity to get updated about the work progress of the project. We got a clear idea on how each party is conducting its tasks and performing its researches. Enabling technologies presented its advances in text extraction, reasoning and maintenance, and personalization. The use cases showed their ongoing work and reflected about particular changes occurred in the course of their project.

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KIWI after one year from IWIS group perspective

A bit late, a week after annual meeting, but still I have decided to write a post as my view on KIWI project after one year. I think the KIWI project had a very successful first year. There is a release of the KIWI platform already now available and there is a large ongoing activity to further develop it. It is interesting how the thoughts in the project developed. We started from the semantic wiki platforms it was understood that time. Pages, typed links, and RDF annotations have been the main entities used in querying and reasoning.

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idSpace project meeting in Cyprus

Peter explanation

On March 19 and 20, idSpace project meeting took place in Cyprus. This meeting was rather important, partly because of the leaving of one partner which was expected to provide the platform and partly because of the coming review of the first year work.

Partners reported their respective work and problems, followed by discussion and idea exchanges with greater details. Although there are still some problems, I think this timely meeting does provide a great help on the work of next step, especially the platform design and interaction and integration of different work packages.

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