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M-Eco Kick-Off meeting 16th-18th Feb, 2010 at Hannover, Germany

kick-off meeting

The M-Eco kick-off meeting attendance from 16th Feb. 2010 to 18th Feb. 2010 at Hannover, Germany was a great opportunity to explore ideas of personalized information retrieval, machine translation, speech recognition, M-Eco software architecture, and user requirements. Other non-technical issues also explored like agreements, advises, etc. The attendees of M-Eco work package partners AAU, RKI, LUH, BUT, and JRC are explored technical issues of project. Advisory board members WHO, HPA, INVS, ECDC and MBDS are given their valuable suggestions. The kick-off meeting was three days meeting.

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recommender systems, web engineering and information retrieval positions in IWIS group

Department of Computer Science at Aalborg University in Denmark offers
              several vacancies at different levels: PhD Fellow, research assistant or post doc
                 expected to start on January 1 2010 or as soon as possible after

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New Web Application Engineering book out

Web Application Engineering Book

Web Application Engineering is a new book where I participated as a co-author. The book provides an overview over various aspects of web application engineering such as the introduction to web technologies, processes, requirements, design, implementation, maintanace and evolution, adaptation, quality assessment, and web 2.0 and semantic web. The book provides a good basis for advanced but also basic course on web engineering but serves also as a reference point to the literature on web engineering area. You can find the book at:

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Social Web and Knowledge Management Article

New article on social web and knowledge management is out. Sebastian and I participated in joind research vision together with our colleagues from EU FP7 IP Active as a joined collaboration between the KIWI project and ACTIVE. Article discusses the difficulties with adopting web 2.0 and social web technologies from open web in enterprise knowledge management.

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The 7th edition of Summer School on Ontological Engineering and Semantic Web

From 5th to 11th of July, I participated of the 7th edition of Summer School on Ontological Engineering and Semantic Web in Cercedilla, Spain. We were 50 students (mostly in the 1st year of our PhD) confined in a residence surrounded by spectacular nature.

Every morning we had talks from the tutors and famed invited speakers such as Prof Stefan Decker and Peter Mika. After each talk, we had hands-on session to put in practice what we had learnt from early “lessons”. The quality of the tutors, head by Prof Enrico Motta, contributed a lot for the success of the school.

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Impressions from UMAP 2009

From June 22 to June 26, 2009 I attended the User Modeling, Adaptation, and Personalization (UMAP) conference. In particular Peter Dolog and I had the paper entitle “A Personalized Tag-Based Recommendation in Social Web Systems” accepted at the International Workshop Adaptation and Personalization for Web 2.0.

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Coming back from eLBa 2009

eLBa 2009 provided a platform for practitioners and scientists to exhange ideas on development on elearning technologies. It also created a very nice atmosphere for free communication and discussion. It had both science workshops and business workshops parallel, and participants could change between as they like on condition that he/she understand German well.

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Keynote talk at IWWOST 2009 @ ICWE 2009

I was invited to give a keynote speach at IWWOST2009 workshop at ICWE 2009 conference. I've decided to talk about challenges of web engineering in building social web software. I will talk about service oriented architecture, I will discuss difficulties with current model driven approaches, and touch transactions a bit too.

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ESWC 2009 3rd main conference day

The 3rd conference day featured interesting keynote on video semantics. Furthermore, various talks on tagging and annotation were relevant to our research. Talk from EPFL was particularly interesting in conducted experiment in tagging system. As we are going to cooperate with Aberdeen, their talk about tagging and annotations and especially the patterns for expansions was also very relevant to our tag based recommender systems. Well, the conference is over now and as we saw it will expand to new areas next year as well with a new namne: Extended Semantic Web Conference.

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Impressions from ESWC 2009

The attendance to the European Semantic Web Conference 2009 was a great opportunity to see other applications in field of Semantic Web. At the demo sections, I could evidence that a lot of effort is being put on semantic web services, knowledge management using semantic web and different usages of SPARQL for querying expansion. In particular, the panel of tagging and annotation presented related works to what we are doing at AAU. Such works will help me to improve my work as well as to explore other techniques that I had not considered so far.

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