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Coming back from eLBa 2009

eLBa 2009 provided a platform for practitioners and scientists to exhange ideas on development on elearning technologies. It also created a very nice atmosphere for free communication and discussion. It had both science workshops and business workshops parallel, and participants could change between as they like on condition that he/she understand German well.

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idSpace project meeting in Aalborg

Peter in the meeting

On September 25 and 26, idSpace project meeting took place in Aalborg. Partners reported their progress respectively and exchanged ideas on the next 3 months work. As the leader partner of Work Package 2, we mainly introduced the work on combination of creativity techniques and suggested another perspective on transformations. Besides, we have reached an agreement on the prior choices of creativity techniques for next step.

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SPLC 2008 and an invited talk at one of the workshops

SPLC 2008 dinner

A week before (8 - 12 September 2008) I attended the Software Product Line Conference 2008 (SPLC 2008). Eventhough I was looking into the software product lines engineering and domain engineering in particular already before (my dissertation was about domain engineering for adaptive web application after all), It was actually for the first time.

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invited talk @ DLACIII workshop


Between June 18 and June 21, I attended International Workshop on Distributed Learning and Collaboration (DLAC): Participation and personalization: The main factors of social software hosted by one of the Leibniz Insititutes: Knowledge Media Research Center in Tübingen, Germany, a very nice and historic university town with a very good climate and atmosphere.

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