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Mining WordNet for fuzzy sentiment: Sentiment tag extraction from WordNet glosses

Publication Author: 
A. Andreevskaia
S. Bergler
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In Proceedings of EACL-06, 11th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics.

Many of the tasks required for semantic tagging of phrases and texts rely on a list of words annotated with some semantic features. We present a method for extracting sentiment-bearing adjectives from WordNet using the Sentiment Tag Extraction Program (STEP). We did 58 STEP runs on unique non-intersecting seed lists drawn from manually annotated list of positive and negative adjectives and evaluated the results against other manually annotated lists. The 58 runs were then collapsed into a single set of 7, 813 unique words.

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Trento, IT
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Article in Proceedings (WS or C)
ACL Anthology
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