KiWi Meeting in Vienna

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On December 27th and 28th there was a meeting of the KiWi project in Vienna, Austria, hosted by the semantic web company. All participants were represented so that we were able to update each other on the ongoing tasks. One of the major points of this meeting was to present the actual results to the others.

Our Unit showed two things, Peter Dolog and Fred Durao told about the status regarding the recommendation system and their research activities. The second thing presented was the Process Management Use Case, Daniel Grolin, a Logica employee presented the scenario and requirement, Karsten Jahn later a screen layout for the application.

We were informed about the current state for tag extraction from the people in Brno and the ideas regarding the reasoning from the people in Munich. Also the core system and its architecture was introduced by the Salzburg research group and the Specification Use Case was presented by people from Sun Microsystems and the Semantic Web Company.

Project meetings in different locations always provide the possibility to get to know different places. In this case: Vienna. It is a very nice city, with a huge history and many beautiful buildings. Many of us went for long walks through the ‘open museum’. We also had time to eat the classical Austrian meal: A Wiener Schnitzel.

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Vienna Meeting - My Impression

From my point of view the Vienna Meeting was particularly important to me because I had the opportunity to meet all parties of KiWi. I define the meeting as very succeeded since it was possible to realize the Use Cases are getting concrete and their goals can be really supported in KiWi. In addition, I realized that previous open points are being agreed by the parties and the real collaboration between the research intuitions will in fact take place.

A number of presentations took place followed by relevant discussion., however some of them last a bit. My suggestion is the coming meetings we have some sort of MEDIATOR to avoid long discussions and planning is followed firmly as possible. For our unit, I see that our work is outlined in the whole KiWi picture because we are working on real use case scenarios and our researches are up to be part of KiWi core.

In the next meeting, I hope to see our promises implemented in KiWi core and the Use cases running on top of KiWi current development.