IWIS Minutes - 2010-03-18

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03/18/2010 - 12:40


Type Description  IWIS Member Date Time
Implementation Tag frequency Karun 26/03/2010  
Implementation Tag representativiness Karun / Jan 26/03/2010  
Implementation Cosine similarity Rong 26/03/2010  
Paper Presentation Personalizing Contex-Aware Recommendatinos Sandy 29/03/2010 10hs
Paper Presentation Automated Tag Clustering: Improving search and exploration in the tag space updated Fred 29/03/2010 10hs
Paper Presentation Weighting of Document Structures for Personalization Rong 29/03/2010 10hs
Implementation Tag neighbourhood Karun 05/04/2010  
Implementation Semantic similarity (ontology)      
Implementation Semantic similairity (word net)      
Implementation Social capital      
Implementation Import Data Set      
Paper Presentation Methods for Evaluation (Precision, Recall, Accuracy)      
Paper Presentation Statistics Presentation (ANOVA, Correlation)      
Paper Presentation Sentiment Analysis: A combined approach Karun  08/04/2010 10:00 hrs
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sentiment analysis, paper presentation on 09/04/2010