ESWC 2008: tutorial and workshop keynote

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I have participated in ESWC 2008 conference in Tenerife. The location was well chosen. Tenerife has very pleasent climate and the accomodation and session rooms in the conference hotel are also excellent. The only disadvantage was the long flight and not really good internet connection. But we have survived :)

I have coorganized the semantic wiki tutorial (tutorial 6) where I was also one of the speakers together with Sebastian Schaffert (Salzburg Research) and Denny Vrandecic (University of Karlsruhe). In addition to that, I gave an invited talk at the semantic wiki workshop on requirements challanges in the KIWI project. Both, semantic web tutorial and workshop event are supported by FP7/EU KIWI project.

Both, tutorial and workshops, were well received. The KIWI project attracted an interest in the community and people expressed their interest to follow news on new KIWI developments in all scientific areas as well as demonstrators to be built.

The ESWC conference also featured interesting invited and contributed talks. All invited talks presented interesting challenges to be solved and I found them also very relevant to the current research in the IWIS group.

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In the meantime, my lecture

In the meantime, my lecture at the semantic wikis tutorial from ESWC 2008 was published online and is accessible at:

You can of course look at the lectures of my two fellows: Sebastian - and Denny -

Well, Enjoy

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lectures website

well, this is really a good website.
Many lectures can be found there, introducing what others are doing now.