WWW2010 conferece, USA

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I was very impressed by the WWW2010, Raleigh, USA conference. I had five days(April 26-30) conference and saw some really exceptional paper presentations too. It was very useful to know many new, interesting presentations for my research. The quality of presentations was very good and that many more portfolio attendees were there. The attendees were almost from 42 countries (announced by www2010 co-chair) with different industries, research centres and universities. First two days were workshops and materials and rest on technical papers.

The first day morning session was not that much interested. I think, I have been in wrong hall but in the afternoon time it was quite interesting due to our Medex2010 workshop started at 2.00 pm and Kerstin Denecke from L3S chaired. Talk by Prof. Wendy Hall was really impressed. She has given valuable words about past and future web. Her team planned to introduce web 3.0 and asked audience suggestions. One of us (Kerstin) asked about medical role in future web and she replied with impressive answer. In this workshop, Our M-Eco constorium memebers given two talks: Kerstin Denecke from L3S presented labeling victim-reporting sentences through a semi-supervised learning approach. I presented a paper namely”Tag and Neighbour based Recommender Systems for Medical Events”.  It was mainly focused on how the neighbours enrich the query performance when we have low weight of tags. The audience raised two questions: which classifier is going to use for evaluation and where you would get medical dictionary. ‘Animal disease event reorganisation and classification’  paper was quite interested and very close related to my research, which is presented by Svetlana Volkova from Kansas State University. She has given valuable suggestion on event consideration instead of considering neighbours and about classifiers for evaluation. Probably, I have to think and read more papers on this side. 

The second day workshop was interested. In the morning session, I attended ‘Recent Progress on Inferring Web Searcher Intent’ session presented by Eugene Agichtein, Emory University (USA). He discussed all his work on relevance feedback, user behaviour, Information retrieval models, click models for relevance, result ranking, personalization and so on. I tried to get slides from him because it was interested for information retrieval. I got some idea but it was tricky to understand. So, I requested and hope that he would send slides. After see his slides, I should get the clear idea for information retrieval with his approach.  Afternoon session was presented by Yahoo! people. ‘The web search engine metrics for measuring user satisfaction’ presentation objectives were user satisfaction, user bibliography, and open problems and so on interested. They discussed relevance metrics: set based evaluation like precision and recall. They gave the idea about rank based evaluation with explicit preference judgements. They presented user interface design for search results. I interacted with their UI presentation because of, I have a same idea and presented in M-Eco slides.  Their next user satisfied UI will be short description with video for their future search results. That idea was really interested. They discussed about click models for feedback from users too.

Third day (first day of the international conference) morning session started with Google’s Vice President Vent Corf presentation about bandwidth, clouds and things. After that, open government session started. North Caroline state governor and other high level US government officials participated and shared their experiences and ideas with participants. One of the participants from India asked one question about which data could be published and which data couldn’t publish. I think this would be helpful to identification number in India because of Government of India is going to give unique identification number to all Indian citizens soon. 
After lunch, the technical papers session started in different halls. I attended ranking1 and ranking 2 sessions. For understanding this ranking, I need to read their papers for a while then I would get some idea.

Fourth day started with plenary key notes by Danah Boyd (Microsoft Research) for publicity and privacy in web 2.0. After that again technical papers session started. I attended  and interested about personalization and rich queries sessions.

Fifth day, I was hurry to come back. I did attend just opening session and took breakfast. That’s all

I want to write few words about food. The food was really delicious except Google’s sponsored food (many participants noticed). In the five days, every day, we have lunch and tea/coffee breaks were sponsored by one of the sponsors like Yahoo!, Lulu, Microsoft Research, Google, etc. I liked that food very much. We also had a conference welcome Reception, conference Dinner and concert.

Finally, it was happy to know that next www2011 conference will be held in Hyderabad since I born and brough up in Hyderabad, India.Laughing


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