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Building Blocks for the Educational Web: Elena, Bernd Simon; Stefan Sobernig; Fridolin Wild; Sandra Aguirre; Stefan Brantner; Peter Dolog; Gustaf Neumann; Gernot Huber; Tomaz Klobucar; Sascha Markus; Zolt , ICALT'2006: The 6th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, jul, Kerkrade, The Netherlands, (2006)
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TRIPLE - an RDF Rule Language with Context and Use Cases., Stefan Decker; Michael Sintek; Andreas Billig; Nicola Henze; Peter Dolog; Wolfgang Nejdl; Andreas Harth; Andreas Leicher; Susanne Busse; José Luis Ambite; Matthew Weathers; Gustaf Neumann; Uwe Zdun , Rule Languages for Interoperability, (2005)
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