M-Eco Minutes - 29-04-2010

Guandong Xu's picture
04/30/2010 - 09:41

Task undergoing:

1. Summarize that last week we discussed the user interface design, system architecture and relevance feedback on user profiling,
2. Guandong revise the slides on relevance feedback which will be presented in next M-Eco Ispra meeting.
3. This week Kurun attended Medex2010 workshop reporting the work on neightbouring tags in US.
4. Rong present a CIKM'06 conference on explicit feedback and user modeling with hierarchical Bayesian networks

Scheduled coming tasks:

1. In Ispra meeting, Peter will give a summary on current work project from AAU group
2. Guandong talks about relevance feedback and user profiling on personalization, and evaluation creterion and stretegy
3. Karun reports the user interface design and system implementation, and needs to revise his slides based on Guandong's slides on feedback, and based on the discussions we had last time.
4. Rong searches more papers on user modelling for personalization from a broad perspective, figures out new ideas and inplementation plan.

Next meeting will be determined by Peter after Ispra meeting.