KIWI starts agile

Peter Dolog's picture
Creating a social network through catch and ball game

We are at the kick-off meeting of KIWI project. KIWI started quite well, good atmosphere was established since the morning of the first day. I think it is especially because of the agile games to break the ice :) We have "puzzled" our own program split initially into pieces of puzzle (see the picture, the program is glued to the white board). This way we have actively learned what we can await in these 3 days. We have established a social network by throwing and catching a ball (see the second picture, the network is visible through established threads :)). It was quite an interesting way to get to know each other. Whoever had a ball in his hands was supposed to talk about himself for a half minute. The first day was very interactive and full of discussions. Technology, methods, and use cases attracted a lot of input and exchange of ideas. I am looking forward to the other two days as well as rest of the project. The team seems good as well as project is interesting with a lot of fun.