Impressions from ESWC 2009

Fred Durao's picture

The attendance to the European Semantic Web Conference 2009 was a great opportunity to see other applications in field of Semantic Web. At the demo sections, I could evidence that a lot of effort is being put on semantic web services, knowledge management using semantic web and different usages of SPARQL for querying expansion. In particular, the panel of tagging and annotation presented related works to what we are doing at AAU. Such works will help me to improve my work as well as to explore other techniques that I had not considered so far. Additionally, the conference was important for networking: we met people from other research institutions intended to cooperate with us. The next step is to design activities for both sides, conduct research and have papers out of such cooperation.

                At the Semantic Wiki workshop, we presented the paper entitled “Analysis of Tag-Based Recommendation Performance for a Semantic Wiki” and from the talk, suggestions for future works were raised. The contact with the Semantic Wiki community was important to see how other wiki applications are addressing other domains. KiWi project was quite represented by talks from enabling technologies PhD students and Salzburg group (who develops the KiWi core).