Press news about MEco project

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AAU has published a press release on our MEco project about help of social media in detecting spread of infectious diseases. Other information and media portals reported on the MEco project. You can find more information bellow at the linked web sites (in danish).

Press news: Version2 (a media portal dealing with news about use of it in professional sphere), UgensErhverv (news portal dealing with news from business), ComOn (media portal which brings news from IT and new IT development), Nordjyske (a general newspaper and portal mostly for Nord Jylland region in denmark), DR P4 nordjylland (an FM state radio mostly for the region of Nord Jylland), Dagens Medicin (a newspaper and portal with news from daily medicine).

Radio Interview: DR P1 radioindslag (a state FM radio for general public - relation devoted to science).

See also CS department news page about it in danish here.