Attending of LWA2010-ABIS Workshop, Kassel, Germany

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I attended the "18th International Workshop on Personalization and Recommendation on the Web and Beyond" from 4th-6th October 2010.

There're four several special interest groups (SIGs) in LWA workshop:

1.FG-ABIS (Adaptively and User Modeling in Interactive Software Systems)

2.FG-IR (Information Retrieval)

3.FG-KDML (Knowledge Discovery, Data Mining and Machine Learning)

4.FG-WM (Knowledge Management)

I joined the ABIS part in LWA. ABIS 2010 is an international workshop, organized by the German SIG. It takes place in connection with LWA2010, together with related workshops on information retrieval, machine learning and information management. It has 18-years history and has been a highly interactive forum for discussing the state of the art in personalization and user modeling. Latest developments in industry and research are presented in plenary sessions, forums, and tutorials. Researchers, Ph.D students and Web professionals can obtain and exchange novel ideas, expertise and feedback on ongoing research before submitting our work to major conferences.

I did the presentation for “User and Document Group Profile Approach of Clustering in Tagging Systems” on 5th Oct, and got some suggestions for the future work.

Besides that, "Conferator at LWA '10" is another interest part in the workshop. Its aim is to support the participants of the conference in their social interaction. And it has two key functionalities: PeerRadar and TalkRadar.

The PeerRadar will show the history of participant's social contacts at the conference. After the conference, PeerRadar will thus enable you to recall your social contacts you had during the conference.

The TalkRadar gives you the opportunity to personalize the conference schedule. You can select the talks that you intend to attend, and can store them in BibSonomy, so that it will be easier to cite them within your next publication.

The workshop is very successful and it is very helpful for my future research.