The KiWi Release Party

Fred Durao's picture
The KiWi team

On October 14 (2010), I travelled to Vienna, Austria to take part of the KiWi Release Party.

After more than 2 and half years of work, the KiWi platform 1.0 was officially released to the community. The event took place at Planetarium, an exciting space and quite inspiring. The space was properly made up by “KiWi” style, colors and flavors.

The event started with a press section followed by the presentations. The first talk was given by Ross Gardler from the Apache Software Foundation followed by David Ayers from Free Software Foundation Europe. In a sequence, Sebastian presented KiWi to the audience. In particular, it was nice to see the personalized search in action (No jokes please).

After the presentations, there was a relaxed open bar section with good food and drinks for all tastes. That was the time to celebrate and meet people interested to know a little more about KiWi.

Congratulations to all involved!

Fred Durao.