Munich Meeting - Enabling Technologies

Fred Durao's picture

From my point of view the Munich Meeting was important to understand more in details what Munich and Brno partners are doing exactly. It was a great time to find out share points and plan later collaboration when implementing our personalization tasks. In particular, it was very helpful listen to François his point of view about usage model in KiWi. He emphasized that we need to have a concrete and clear vision about data we need for our usage model. This is primary requirement for our further development. In addition, he insisted that we have to build an easy system as for users as for us developers and grow our vision in a social vision or teamwork. Prospecting some cooperation, knowledge from Munich people will be essential for reasoning tasks regarding that in our next step will focus on rule-based personalization involving Semantic Web. Some background in text extraction from Brno people will be necessary to adjust our tag-based recommendation system given the fact we have to consider that KiWi with provide a tag generation mechanism. In general the meeting was important to synchronize our development and find out some share points, however, although I really expected that Sebastian was in the meeting since his team is developing the core system which will provide basic infrastructure to our technologies. His technical opinion would be an important aspect regarding soon we will be plug our development in KiWi core system.