My first days with KIWI

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I am student at the Aalborg University at master degree of computer science. I got possibility to participate in KiWi project as student programmer. My supervisor Peter Dolog offered me this position. I started to work with Fred Durao who is a Phd student at our department. I passed introduction tests where I had to prove my knowledge from Java programming language. Afterwards, I started with completing small programming tasks with the help of Fred.

I find this work very interesting and I enjoy it, I also see that it can give me possibility to improve my programming experience as well as gain insight how the real research is done. At the moment, I am implementing mathematical model for a recommendations based on collaborative work.

I believe that my work and participation in this project will be useful. Definitely, it is a great opportunity for me to improve programming skills and learn how to transform my theoretical knowledge from studies into the real world project. The last and also interesting point for me is a bit down to earth, but it is important to increase my student financial budget as life in Denmark is quite demanding for student's funding. Smile


I would like to thank Peter Dolog and Fred Durao for this possibility 

Martin Leginus