Recommender System Evaluation FAQ

Most of participants have sent us interesting questions about the experiment. Then we created this web page to share the doubts with everybody.

1. Can I use the data from my Delicious account?

Yes, as soon as you log in, go to the menu "Settings" and look for the "Export/Backup Bookmarks" and "Import / Upload Bookmarks" options. These links will guide you on how to download a copy of your personal bookmarks and transfer to a new account. Please, before importing set the bookmarks as public.

2. How many tags should I place per document?

As much as you can! We hope to have at least 3 tags per document.

3. When should I start tagging?

As soon as you receive your Delicious credentials. We will notify the participants the last day for tagging.

4. When I will receive my generated Delicious account?

You will receive a generated user account 24 hours after your confirmation of participation in the experiment. If you do not receive anything, please check it out in your spam box else you email us.

5. Can I let my bookmarks private?

No, if they are private we cannot collect them. Make sure your bookmarks are public by accessing, for instance, if you login is user_2007 then try

6. Is there any API for accessing my delicious account?

Yes, for Java developers I suggest Java API (