Peter Dolog

Job Title: 
Associate Professor
Personal Web Site: 
Academic Qualifications: 
Dr. rer. Nat. (University of Hannover, 2006, summa cum laude - with distinction), Computer Science
M. Sc. (Slovak University of Technology, 2000), Computer Science
B. Sc. (Slovak University of Technology, 1998), Computer Science
Research Areas: 
Infrastructures for Intelligent Information Systems on the Web (Web Services, Middleware, P2P, ...)
Engineering Web and Information Systems (Design Methods, Service Oriented Architectures, Conceptual Modelling)
Personalization Strategies, Algorithms and User Modeling on the Web
Adaptive Web and Hypermedia
Technology Enhanced Learning
Social Web Applications
Group Role: 
Head of IWIS

Short Bio  Dr. Peter Dolog is an associate professor of computer science at Aalborg University where he was previously holding an assistant professorship. He received his doctoral degree from University of Hannover in 2006 (summa cum laude) with a dissertation on engineering adaptive web applications. His main research interests fall into intelligent information systems and web technologies. This includes adaptive web and hypermedia, user modelling, conceptual modelling of web applications, knowledge management, technology enhanced learning, personalized web based systems, web services and service oriented architectures as well as applying software product lines to web. He has published and reviewed numerous papers in the journals and at the conferences as well as workshops relevant to the areas mentioned above. He has participated in numerous roles in various European projects, such as FP5 project ELENA - Creating Smart Spaces for Learning, FP6 networks of excellence Prolearn, Knowledge Web and Rewerse. At Aalborg University, he is the main responsible for FP7 projects KIWI - Knowledge in a Wiki and idSpace - Tooling of and Training for Collaborative Distributed Product Innovation. In KIWI project he will lead personalization and application building work area.