M-Eco Kick-Off meeting 16th-18th Feb, 2010 at Hannover, Germany

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kick-off meeting

The M-Eco kick-off meeting attendance from 16th Feb. 2010 to 18th Feb. 2010 at Hannover, Germany was a great opportunity to explore ideas of personalized information retrieval, machine translation, speech recognition, M-Eco software architecture, and user requirements. Other non-technical issues also explored like agreements, advises, etc. The attendees of M-Eco work package partners AAU, RKI, LUH, BUT, and JRC are explored technical issues of project. Advisory board members WHO, HPA, INVS, ECDC and MBDS are given their valuable suggestions. The kick-off meeting was three days meeting. The agenda of first day was Introduction to M-Eco and the Work packages. Second day agenda was Introduction to work packages and work on M-Eco Architecture personalization issues. Third day about workshop on User requirements experiences with surveillance systems. In the M-Eco kick of meeting, our leader Peter Dolog, IWIS, Chairman (AAU) presented knowledge based personalisation in web-based systems. In particular I presented an extension of multifactor recommendation approach based on user tagging with term neighbours. This paper entitled ''Tag and Neighbour Based Recommender systems for Medical Events'' in the part of personalisation surveillance. Other talks of surveillance was:

  • Indicator based and event based surveillance by RKI
  • Infections disease surveillance and cluster detection principles and applications by NLGA
  • Requirements and experiences with early detection of public health threats and surveillance systems by ECDC
  • Web based medical intelligence systems extraction of information on health events also quite interested and helped me to improve my work as well as to explore other techniques.

The participants reported their work and problems followed by discussions with great details. Although there are still some problems like architecture, portal, etc, I think this meeting provided greater help on the work of next step. We got very good experience of intense work from 9 am to 5 pm and got coffee and lunch breaks with wonderful snacks and food during meeting and also had a delicious german social dinner Smile.


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M-Eco Kick-Off meeting

I'm very glad to have the opportunity to attend M-Eco Kick-Off meeting. In 3-days meeting, we met lots of experts from RKI, LUH, BUT, JRC and so on; they gave us wonderful presentations of M-Eco project. The meeting will play an important part in the project and I get much benefit from it for the future research in the personalization.