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New Article in ACM TWEB on Flexible Forward Recovery of Web Service Transactions

A new article comming out from IWIS group in collaboration with L3S Research Center in Hannover, Germany has been published in a prestigous journal ACM Transaction on Web. The article explains how to set up a flexible forward recovery of transactions in web service environment. Article also shows when such an approach is economic and benefitial. Please visit ACM TWEB 2008 article web page for more details. The article is from FROGS project.

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Barbecue on Saturday

Karsten @ barbecue

Suddenly, Aalborg was hit by a beautiful weather. Quite unusual for aalborg having temperatures above 25C without any cloud in early May. Karsten and me accepted an invitation of Peter Axel for a barbecue at his house garden which in this weather was really a good idea. Well, as picture shows, Karsten enjoys it very much :). Well I did too.

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SWKM 2008 workshop


Social Web and Knowledge Management 2008: the first international workshop took place on April 22, 2008 in Beijing. The event was collocated with major conference in World Wide Web research: WWW2008. The workshop was a great success. It attracted 85 registered participants. Workshop was introduced by Denny Vrandecic and me where we explained the aim of the workshop and its relevance to enterprise knowledge web research in general and to Active and KIWI project in particular.

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idSpace kick off: Round Table, Experience, and Competence


The kick off meeting of EU ICT project idSpace in Heerlen in the Netherlands (9. - 10. April 2008) just confirmed very well chosen consortium. Very good atmosphere, excellent organization, round tables and competence of partners seem to ensure that the project will run smoothly. Many of us already worked together at least to certain extent. The experience of several partners from the other EU projects also contribute to a very open atmosphere with a lot of understandings and contributing discussions.

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new EU FP7 project idSpace launched

New EU FP7 STREP project idSpace: Tooling of and training for collaborative, distributed product innovation has started on April 1 2008. The project will research pedagogical models for learning of creativity and innovation outcomes as well as how to perform creativity. Furthermore, it will study context aware combination of creativity techniques, as well as semantic preservation of the idea generation when using them. Transformation between the techniques is one of the goals as wel.

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KIWI starts agile

Creating a social network through catch and ball game

We are at the kick-off meeting of KIWI project. KIWI started quite well, good atmosphere was established since the morning of the first day. I think it is especially because of the agile games to break the ice :) We have "puzzled" our own program split initially into pieces of puzzle (see the picture, the program is glued to the white board). This way we have actively learned what we can await in these 3 days. We have established a social network by throwing and catching a ball (see the second picture, the network is visible through established threads :)).

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New FP7 project KIWI launched

New EU FP7 STREP project KIWI: Knowledge in a Wiki has started on March 1 2008. The project will research technological advances in sematic wikis and in particular reasoning, reason maintanace, personalization and user modelling, knowledege extraction and advanced editing facilities for wikis. The new wiki framework shall be tested in the context of software development and project management. Researchers, developers, and project managers from 7 instututes from Austria, Denmark, Germany and Czech republic will meet at KIWI project kick off meeting on March 12-15 2008 in Salzburg.

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IWIS group web site launched

On March 1, 2008, IWIS: Intelligent Web and Information Systems Group web site has been launched. The web site should serve information purpose about activites, research projects, research results and other related items.

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