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SPLC 2008 and an invited talk at one of the workshops

SPLC 2008 dinner

A week before (8 - 12 September 2008) I attended the Software Product Line Conference 2008 (SPLC 2008). Eventhough I was looking into the software product lines engineering and domain engineering in particular already before (my dissertation was about domain engineering for adaptive web application after all), It was actually for the first time.

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IWIS seminar series started on August 2008

IWIS group started a seminar series on the World Wide Web topic. The seminars are intended for PhD students, master students and researhc assistants to deepen their scientific skills. Please have a look at Autumn 2008 Seminar Blog post for details on schedule and topics for this autumn 2008 semester. Seminars will take place each semester. Visit the blog on seminars regularly.

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Seminar talk on Flexible production of software systems - a product line based approach

Klaus Schmid


 Date: Wednesday, September 24, 2008, Time: 13:00 - 14:00, Room: 0.2.13

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Klaus Schmid


Flexible production of software systems - a product line based approach


Increasingly companies today must develop not unique products, but whole families of similar but distinct products. This is natural consequence of the need to adapt to different customer requirements.

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FP7 project idSpace is project of the month

EU FP7 project idSpace: Tooling of and training for collaborative, distributed product innovation ( is a project of the month August at EUROPA-MV portal (link in german).

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Fred Duarao a new member of the IWIS group

Since 1st of August IWIS group welcome Fred Durao as a new member, who will work on different aspects of personalization in semantic wikis in EU KIWI project.

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KIWI meeting in Prague


KIWI project consortium met in Prague between June 25 and June 27. Several advancements have been discussed in Prague such as requirements of use case partners for KIWI system, tag models, information extraction ideas, and reasoning about inconsistencies. Data model for the core system was discussed as well. The meeting was a success showing a convergence of ideas along the tagging, mesh up for integration with other enterprise information systems, as well as widget idea.

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invited talk @ DLACIII workshop


Between June 18 and June 21, I attended International Workshop on Distributed Learning and Collaboration (DLAC): Participation and personalization: The main factors of social software hosted by one of the Leibniz Insititutes: Knowledge Media Research Center in Tübingen, Germany, a very nice and historic university town with a very good climate and atmosphere.

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idSpace project meeting in Brussels


idSpace project consortium met between June 16 and 17, 2008 in Brussels. The meeting was very intensive and showed progress in various ideas. New project members have been also introduced and integrated into the work process. We have presented an idea of integration based on restful web services as a suitable paradigm for flexible integration of various creativity supporting tools. I think the meeting was very sucsessful and timely.

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New member of the group employed in idSpace project

On June 1 2008, Yujian Lin joins the IWIS group as a new member and research assistant. He will work on integration of and transformation between various creativity techniques using semantic web and topic maps. Service oriented architecture will be explored as well as possible integration paradigms for integrating creativity techniques in ICT FP7 idSpace project.

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ESWC 2008: tutorial and workshop keynote


I have participated in ESWC 2008 conference in Tenerife. The location was well chosen. Tenerife has very pleasent climate and the accomodation and session rooms in the conference hotel are also excellent. The only disadvantage was the long flight and not really good internet connection. But we have survived :)

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